Flight of Horace


Creative Commons License
Flight of Horace by Mohammed Shamma is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at flightofhorace.com.

My story begins when I stood upon that bridge and gave in to deception.
Desire for immortality outbid any veneration I had for the past and future.
A single leap of faith would rid me of my fleshy pain.
I would pass over that Golden Gate parting ways with sin and sorrow.
With open arms, I would greet eternity.
Yet my soul was displeased with me and had other plans.

On this page, Horace, the narrator, is taking the reader back to the moment when he chose to jump off the bridge. Horace’s soul (his ba) is shown as a bird hovering next to him.  See “ba” reference on this page for more information on the ancient Egyptian concept of the soul. The onlookers are based on the mourners painted on the walls of the Tomb of Ramose.

A Single Leap of Faith


2 thoughts on “A Single Leap of Faith

  1. These illustrations are so different from your observational studies, and really rather lovely. Thank you for visiting my blog and through your blog, drawing my attention to the ‘Urban Sketchers Manifesto’. I am thinking of starting a group in my local area (but there are not many artists here – I’ll have to reach out more!). Your blog is very interesting, I loved the story of you drawing the statue of Jesus and how that caused you to contemplate your parent’s faith. Looking forward to visiting again!

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