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I love Society 6. Here are some of the designs you can find on my shop [here].

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The book trailer for Salaam, Love: American Muslim Men on Love, Sex, and Intimacy was my first motion graphics project.  Nura Maznavi and Ayesha Mattu wrote the script.  I did the story boarding, illustration (Illustrator/Photoshop), animation (After Effects) and editing (Premiere).  I was also fortunate enough to find some talented artists who offered creative input and material.

Some of the stills were provided by Eve Rivera and Rahmeek Rasul.  The music and Lyrics to “Makes Me Crazy” by Kareem Salama

Check it out on Vimeo and let me know what you think.

Here are some of the stills.

Salaam, Love Book Trailer


This sketchbook (available online from The Sketchbook Project) is my attempt at illustrating the first letter my mother wrote to my father in 1953. I enjoyed it thoroughly and hope to illustrate another letter in the next edition of the project. I also hope that my illustrations help connect the reader to the author’s (Florence) stream of consciousness as she is composing each paragraph. Her words are full of youthful imagination and simply call out for a visual backdrop.

This project was technically challenging because I wanted to paint with watercolor but every attempt I made bled too much into the paper. I also tried India and calligraphy inks but they seemed to bleed also. I finally settled on acrylic ink for the text and illustrations. It dried very quickly and had very minimal bleeding.

I drew much of my inspiration from mid-century modern art, graphic design and textile patterns of the early 1950s. I focused mainly on the works of Charley Harper, Alexander Calder, Lucienne Day, Gerald Downes, Stig Lindberg, Marian Mahler and Sylvia Chalmers.


The Illustrated Letters of Florence and Nessim


I was thrilled to have been selected as a contributing author in Salaam, Love: American Muslim Men on Love, Sex, and Intimacy (Beacon Press 2014, Amazon link), edited by Ayesha Mattu and Nura Maznavi.  It was a project that truly changed my life.  My story “Echoes” is a memoir that covered five seemingly unconnected moments in my life.  However, when read as a whole, the reader discovers that life’s little moments are greater than they seem.  (Read more about Salaam, Love and Love Inshallah: here)

Here is a recording from the Salaam, Love reading at the Harvard Book Store.

I was also given the opportunity to produce the book trailer for Salaam, Love.  Check it out on Vimeo and let me know what you think.

Salaam, Love: American Muslim Men on Love, Sex & Intimacy from Mohammed Shamma on Vimeo.

“Echoes” from Salaam, Love


I could list so many reason why I love Urban Sketching, but the most important ones are the simplest.  We open ourselves when we sketch and we reveal who, where and what we observed.  We share our sketches.  And when we share them, we are sharing our beautiful human experience, as fragile and short-lived as it is.  Here are some of my sketches of Berkeley and the East Bay.

Urban Sketches


The Flight of Horace is an avante-garde graphic novel that invites the reader to discover the legacy of Ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptian concept of the afterlife seemed like the perfect premise for it. The Flight of Horace is a story about Horace (a.k.a. Horus) who leaps off a bridge and discovers that his soul has left him before he could actually die. He is then stuck in a state of limbo, unable to enter the afterlife. Whatever promise he thought death would provide is now on hold until he can find his soul and convince it that he is worthy of having it. His search will force him to see life from many different perspectives and learn some tough lessons along the way.

FOH_p1 FOH_p2

Flight of Horace