Architecture and Urban Planning, Urban Sketching

Just a quick lunch time sketch in front of the Valley Life Sciences Building (read more about the history of the building here).  It’s a little slow on campus right now due to it being finals week.  I chose this spot because of the shade more than anything else, but I was able to catch a few students coming and going from where I sat.

UC Berkeley Valley Life Sciences Building


Photo and Sketch

Lunch time sketch – Valley Life Sciences Building

Urban Sketching

April 11, 2014 – UC Berkeley.  Here is another lunch time sketch from the Cal campus.  The Campanile (Sather Tower) is synonymous with UC Berkeley and it’s effort to constantly push the envelope and strive for excellence in academia.  If you’re in the area tomorrow (April 12th), come and visit the campus on Cal Day and get a free view from the top of the tower.


The Campanile is free on Cal Day 2014