Urban Sketching, Watercolor

We took the kids to the Open House at Cloverleaf Ranch in Santa Rosa.  They had lots of fun.  I even had fun sketching this view of their barns from the pool.

Cloverleaf Ranch

May 15, 2016, Santa Rosa, California (watercolor on paper)

Cloverleaf Ranch

Architecture and Urban Planning, Urban Sketching

Just a quick lunch time sketch in front of the Valley Life Sciences Building (read more about the history of the building here).  It’s a little slow on campus right now due to it being finals week.  I chose this spot because of the shade more than anything else, but I was able to catch a few students coming and going from where I sat.

UC Berkeley Valley Life Sciences Building


Photo and Sketch

Lunch time sketch – Valley Life Sciences Building

Urban Sketching

Sometimes the best urban sketch is right in your own backyard, or neighborhood park.  For me, this is Terrace Park, now known as Jewel’s Terrace Park in honor of Jewel Okawachi, a dedicated mother, board member and leader in the Albany community.

These homes sit on the eastern edge of the park.  On any given sunny afternoon, one can enjoy the color, textures and shadows of their exteriors along the fence.  As my son rode his bike round and around the park path, and played with kids who came in an out of the frame, I felt at ease, as if I was in my own back yard.


The Homes of Jewel’s Terrace Park – Albany, CA

Art General, Urban Sketching

It was another warm sunny day on the UC Berkeley campus.  I stumbled upon the UC Jazz Ensemble on Sproul Plaza yesterday as I was trying to find a decent sandwich for lunch.  My hunger disappeared and my desire to capture the moment went to work.  I immediately sketched them as they were finishing up their set.

UC Jazz Ensemble

UC Jazz Ensemble

Flight of Horace

FOH - Sandbank Like a twig, I floated aimlessly until I felt the warmth of a sandbank and crawled upon the shore.  I opened my eyes and gazed at the blue sky and soft cotton clouds as if it was my first time.

Creative Commons License
Flight of Horace by Mohammed Shamma is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at flightofhorace.com.

Horace’s pose in this scene is based on the earth god Geb in the Book of the Dead of Nesitanebtashru.

The acacia tree can be found in the “Netting Birds” scene painted on the walls of the Tomb of Khnumhotep (Beni Hasan, Middle Kingdom).  Painted by Nina de Garis Davies (1881–1965)

The flowers are California poppies styled in the manner commonly found in Egyptian monuments.  (Atlas of Egyptian Art, Zeitouna Press, 1991, Plate # 11.62, E. Prisse d’Avennes)


The Warmth of a Sandbank